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Brother AliAliAli Question...

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Brother AliAliAli Question... Empty Brother AliAliAli Question...

Post by Silat_warrior110 on Wed Jun 16, 2010 4:48 am

Brother your Question had to be deleted as it was not related to the Abdullan Bin Saba topic, however regarding this Sermon which is found in Nahja Israr also known as Mashariq al-anwar al-yaqin fi asrar amir al-muminin (The Orients of the Lights of Certainty concerning the Arcana of the Commander of the Faithful), this sermon has been attributed to Imam Ali (as) however there is nothing wrong with this sermon. No where does Imam Ali (as) claim that he is Allah (swt) and everything is by the permission of Allah (swt). Any further questions?

Here is the last part of that sermon:-

In fact, Allah (swt) did not create anything until he made them declare the oneness (of Allah swt), the wilayah (supremacy) of the pure progeny and revulsion for their enemies. The Throne (of Allah swt) did not attain stability until it was inscribed with Divine light; There is no deity except Allah (swt), Muhammed (saw) is the messenger of Allah (swt), and Ali (as) is the Wali of Allah (swt)

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