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Glossary of Terms

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Glossary of Terms

Post by azadaar110 on Sun Jun 13, 2010 6:23 am

Terms, expressions and acronyms

Bismillah Hirahman Niraheem,

Ya Ali (a.s) Madad & Asalamu Alaiykum,

This is my attempt at providing the members of this group with a 'Glossary of Terms', however there may be more then one way to spell certain words but this should (Inshallah) be enough to give one a more clear understanding of the terms and expressions
used. If you are unsure about anything then please contact a member of the Admins or the Moderators who will be more then happy to help.

There is also a high possibilty that I have not used all the terms in this one post however if you wish to add, ammend or correct any of the information provided, again, please contact the admins who will be more then happy to update this post for all our members.

Also, Some of these expressions are being used incorrectly and the titles and accolades are being attributed those whom Allah
(swt) did not intend, you may have come across them on a day to day basis such as scholars referring to themselves as Imams etc.

Ahlul Bayt (asws)
The Ahl of the Prophet asws are those purified beings (33:33) and the
the 9 Imam's whom decended from them, these beings are Noor, the first
of all things created, they are not only pure but also the Purifying
Ones. Among other names They asws personify the Asma al Husna and carry
these names, They asws hold the knowledge of the begginings and the
ends, and are what we will be judged according to on the day of

Ahlul Kitab

People of the Book - This is the term used by Allah (swt) in the noble
Qur'an to refer collectively to the Jews and Christians.

Aima (asws)

Plural for Imam (divinely appointed leaders).


12th Imam ( A J T F ) - Ajjal Allahu ta aala farajahu meaning 'May Allah
the Exalted, hasten his reappearance.'


In Islam, the term akhira is used to refer to the afterlife, both
heaven and hell. After the last judgement, the the righteous will be
sent to heaven and the rest will be sent to hell.


Alam means "flag" or "sign" in Arabic however in regards to Azadari, it
is specifically referring to the Alam of Maula Abbas that they
took with themselves whilst trying to fetch water back to their tents
on the plains of Kerbala. The Alam is used in referrenced to Maula
Abbas and this incident.

The Creator of the Universe known as "God the Father" to Christians and
"El" or "Yahweh" to the Jews. Allah (swt) is singular and is not human
nor part of a Trinity, as in Christianity. The Holy Quran contains
around 100 beautiful names (attributes) for Allah (swt) through which
Muslims may understand and recognize the Creator of the Universe.

Allahu Akbar

Literally means "Allah is the Greatest". This is perhaps the most
frequently used expression around the world. Muslims use it to praise
Allah (swt) throughout the day.

Literally means "Praise be to Allah" or "Thanks to Allah".


Knowledgeable one - Everyone is a Talib Ilme (student of knowledge,
regardless of how learned he is, Only to be used with those who are
rooted in knowledge, who are the Aima (asws).

Amirul Mo'mineen (asws)
Commander of the faithful - A title/accolade reserved for Imam Ali .

One's belief.

Alaiyhas salam

This could be used for any Ma'sumin, Prophets or the Imams - Alayhim
Salam (Plural) - alayhi salaam (Singular)
May peace be upon them/him

Assalato Wassalam
Peace and salutations be upon him/them


The obligatory late afternoon prayer.

Assalamu Alaikum

Literally means "Peace be Upon You". It is the expression used by
Muslims to greet each other.

Literally means "I ask forgiveness from Allah".

Auzo Bellahe Menash Shaitaner Rajim

Literally means "I seek Allah refuge from the treachery of the outcasted


Literally translates as a "miracle or sign". This is the smallest unit
of revelation (verse) contained in the Holy Quran.


Literally translates as "miracles or signs". This refers to several
verses in the noble Qur'an.

A Sign of Allah (swt) - Only to be used in referance to somthing pure
and free from defect, they Masumeen asws have called themselves the
'signs of Allah' and we prefer not to call this name to a fallible man.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Literally means "In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most
Merciful". It is recorded at the beginning of all, except one, chapter
of the Holy Quran.


Literally meaning 'innovation'.

A great liar or deceiver. (The Anti-Christ).


Missionary work to invite all people to Islam.


Way of life or religion.


A prayer.

Human life in this world and current form.

Islamic Religious holidays and occasions for celebration. Muslims have
two such days: The first occurs after the month of fasting and the
second in remembrance of the Hazrat Ibrahim (asws).

The obligatory prayer to be offered before sunrise.

Meaning compulsary - Something that every Muslim has to perform. (5
daily prayers, fasting, helping the needy, pilgrimage, etc).


Legal opinion concerning Islamic Law given by Mujtahid using Ijtihad.

Having a complete understanding of Islamic jurisprudence.


Translates into "civil strife, war, riot, or satanic act".

Hujjat ul Islam
Proof of Islam - The proof of an infallible religion can only be
through an infallible. If a normal person was to be regarded as proof
of Islam then all his deficiencies will have to be regarded as the
deficiencies of Islam, and in this way the whole religion would become
unreliable. The person who is accepted as the proof of Islam would
therefore be one who is above any mistakes or disagreements.


This word literally means "sayings" and could refer to the recorded
quotes of anyone. Usually, it is the title given to the collection of
recorded words and actions of the prophet Muhammad (sawws) and Imams
(asws) which serve as an explanation of the meaning of the Noble Qur'an
(the way Ahlul bayt (asws) taught it).


Plural of Hadeeth mentioned above.

The mandatory pilgrimage to Mekkah during a predefined period of time.
Each Muslim, who has the means, is required to perform this trip at
least once in his/her life time.


Something lawful or permitted in Islam.


Something unlawful or forbidden in Islam.

Imam is a divenly appointed leader not like the man made Imams, it is
not correct to call any sinner a Imam (asws).

Imam Bargah

After the events of Kerbala, the family members (asws) of Imam Hussain (as) were finally freed from months and months of imprisonment and given one room in which they could finally mourn for their (as) loved ones. Hence the expression 'Mansion of the Imams' (Imam Bargah) as this was considered a mansion for them (as).



"If Allah wills" or "I pray that Allah wills".

The obligatory prayer to be offered after sunset in late evening.

Literally means "Submission to the Creator of the Universe". In this context, Islam is the only religion recognized by God. Its message (There is no Deity but God) was the same Message delivered by all Prophets. This divine religion was completed with revelations (Qur'an) given to the last Prophet Muhammad (sawws).


Prayer to request guidance from Allah (swt) on a matter of great


Jazakallahu Khayran

Literally means "May Allah reward you for your good deed."




Literally means a 'Cradle' but refers in specific to the cradle of
Hazrat Ali Asghar , the six month old son
of Imam
Hussain (asws) who was also martyred in the plains of Kerbala by the
lanati hurmala (la).

Meaning 'struggle' - To strive hard for a better way of life or to
fight to defend one's life, property, freedom, and religion. It can
also refer to attempt to free other people from oppression and tyranny.
The call of war (Jihad) can only be done by infallible. At present it
is haram, unless 12 Imam (ajf) calls upon us.

Jaloos simply means procession but is generally referred to as a
procession of Azadari

A cube shaped structure/building in Mecca toward which all Muslims pray. This is the first house of worship built by Hazrat Ibrahim to glorify Allah (swt) the Creator of the Universe.


Literally means "to cover up the truth". It is used to refer to someone
who is made aware of the Truth of Islam but refuses to worship
Allah(swt) or submit to the will of God. Also commonly (Edited)ociated
with an infidel.


Khatmay Nabuwat - It translates into "The Finality of Prophethood". It
is the Quranic message to humanity that the Prophet Muhammad (sawws) of
Arabia was the last Prophet or Messanger commissioned by Allah (swt) to


The religious and political head of the state for the Muslims appointed
by Allah (swt) and not by the consensus of people.


Plural of Kafir meaning "Unbelievers" or infidels.


Blasphemous act or speech which shows one's ungratefullness to The

(L A)

Lanatul-Allah Alayh - Allah's Curse be upon him/them.

La Ilaha Illallah

Literally means "There is nothing worthy of worship except Allah".

The city which was the first political center of Islam. The Prophet
Muhammad(sawws) grave site and mosque are located in this city.

The obligatory prayer to be offered right after sunset.


Another term for a muhib (lover of the Aima Ma'sumin asws)


Recognising or understanding the status of the Aima Ma'sumin (asws)


The place of worship and prayer. Also called "Mosque".


Meaning 'our/my Master/Lord' (my Maula) which should only be used for
the Aima Ma'sumin (asws) but which these days is commonly associated
with scholars.


The sacred city located in Saudia Arabia where Kabah is situated. This
is also the city where millions of Muslims perform their pilgrimage to.


A Muslim with deep devotion and belief in Allah (swt) and Islam.


The place of worship and prayer for Muslim, also called "Mosque".


This is a Quranic prayer duel in which two parties who differ on
fundamental Islamic teachings get together and pray face to face asking
for the intervention of Allah (swt). The Ahlul Bayt (asws) went to
challenge the christians of Najran.


The last Messenger of Allah (swt) to humanity. He was the last of the
Prophets in a line which included such great prophets as Hazrat Ibrahim
(asws), Hazrat Nuh (asws), Hazrat Musa (asws) and hazrat Isa (asws). No
new Prophets or Messengers will ever be sent to humanity. Muhammad
(sawws) was a direct descendant of hazrat Ibrahim (asws).


Lover Of the Aima Ma'sumin, Ahlul Bayt (asws)


A Hypocrite Muslim who will be punished worst than an Unbeliever in the


(Sufi expression) Spiritual leader.


A polytheist or someone who puts something ahead of his/her obligation
to The Creator.


The name given to the followers of the divine religion of Islam. This
name was first used by Hazrat Ibrahim (asws) who is recognized as the
father of Islam.


One who limits the status of the Aima Ma'sumin (asws).

any Prophet (as or sawa)



Nauzubillah - May Allah (swt) forbid.

Acronym for "Peace Be Upon Him or Her". Used most often in reference to
prophets of God.


Acronym for "Peace Be Upon Them". Used most often in reference to
prophets of God.

The direction to Kabah in Mecca. Muslims should face the Kabah during
every formal prayer.


The day of resurrection and judgment.


The infallible holy book of the Muslims. It contains the word of Allah
(swt) in its original form and without any modifications or
alterations. Refuting one single verse of the noble Qur'an is
equivalent to denouncing one's faith.

This Acronym for "Radhiallahu anhu" is used when referring to close
companions of the Prophet (sawws). It translates into "May Allah be
pleased with him or her."

Salaamul Allah aleyha - May Allah's peace be unto her.


Acronym for Prophet Muhammad (sawws) Arabic - "Salallahu Alayhi Wa
`Aalehi Wasallam" Blessings and Peace of Allah be upon him and his


The term referring to the companions of the Prophet and his family


Payer - Commonly associated with one the five formal and required
daily prayers to be offered by all Muslims.

Abstinence from food, drink, and bad habits, acts, or words from
sunrise to sunset for an entire month. Fasting is required from all
Muslims who are not ill.


A recount of the life and accomplishments of the Holy Prophet of Islam (saww).

A Martyr


Martyrdom - The Arabic Pronounciation and spelling for this word is
Shahadah which also means 'testimony'. The Shahada is the Muslim
declaration of belief in the Oneness of Allah (swt) and Acceptance of
Muhammad (sawws) as His prophet and Acceptance of Ali Ameerul Momineen
(asws) as Allah's Wali and Muhammad (saww)'s successor

A wise or elderly person and often used as a title of respect.


Satan; the source of all evil in this world.


The Set of Rules of Islam.

The act of holding any object, concept, or person in higher esteem or
devotion than Allah (swt).



This is the Acronym for (Allah) "Subhanahu wa ta'ala" meaning Glorified
and Exalted is He.


Traditions - A recount of the way the Holy Prophet (sawws) and His
family (asws) conducted their lives. It is meant to serve as an example
for Muslims to follow.

One of the 114 chapters of the Noble Quran.

disassociating one's self from the enemies of the Ahlul bait (asws).


Love for the Aima Ma'sumin (asws) and their friends.

(usooli view) Blind following of a single (non Ma'sum) marja


Fear of Allah and leaving acts of disobedience

A Tazia is a model of martyrs' tomb: In regards to Azadari it is a
model of the tomb of the Prophet Muhammads (sawa) family (asws) who
were opressed and martyred and a Tazia is often the accompaniment of a

Tazia is the only form of drama known in the Persian classical
tradition: the taʿziyyah, a word that originally meant “consolation”
and was applied to various forms of religious mourning.


The learned Muslim scholars. Nahj Ul Balagah, Saying 85 for the
Ahlulbayt (asws).


The community of Muslims.

One who has authority over you.

Wilayate faqih - Supreme leader (The Aima asws) but since the last 3
decades Associated with a fallible leader in Iran.


Purification (ablution) to be done prior to reading the noble Qur'an or
offering formal prayers.

The portion of one's savings (after expenses) that needs to be donated
to poor and the needy.

Zanjeer Zani

Zanjeer in Iran is simply chains that are tied to a handle with the intention of hitting ones back as a form as Azadari. Zanjeer Zani (in the subcontinent) Is when chains are tied to a handle with blades at the other end. Zanjeer are hit on one's back in rememberance of the attrocities inflicted upon Imam Zayn ul Abideen at the hands of the zalim (la)

Disassociating from this world while living in it, like it's said a momin/malang doesn't live in this world.


The obligatory prayer to be offered at noon, after sun moves always from
its zenith.

A Zuljinah is a horse that represents the horse of Imam hussain (asws).
It is the horse that was purchased by the Holy Prophet (sawa) and was
given to Imam Hussain (asws) and rode on during the battle of Kerbala.

And the Holy Imam Hussain (a.s) is quoted as having said on the day of
Ashurah: Wilt thou my dear Zuljinah kneel down a little to enable me to
roll myself down to the ground? I know thou hast also been hungry and
thirsty along with me. Pardon me my dear Zuljinah for Hussain (a.s.) is
helpless. May the Lord bless thee.

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