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Qorban-e Ashura

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Qorban-e Ashura Empty Qorban-e Ashura

Post by Javanmard121 on Thu Sep 09, 2010 8:07 am

Listen lovers, listen knights

Hosayn composed the unrivaled poem of Love

On the pure pages of the land of Karbala

with the blood red ink of his Being He wrote it down...

Listen lovers, listen knights

I saw His Majesty pierced by countless arrows

Master hasn't your suffering ended, I asked

Every heart is Karbala, he replied, every sin an arrow...

Listen lovers, listen knights

Your soul indeed is the great battlefield

'Tis where you decide to be Abbas or Shimr

Where Heaven and Hell are prepared...

Listen lovers, listen knights

Behold the Immaculate Lamb of Fatimah

The Innocent sacrificed for His Shi'a

With His Sacred Blood He sealed the Oath

Listen lovers, listen knights

Should you wish to sing this poem

Give up your head first and you will live

For the Immortal Hosayn died before he died

Listen lovers, listen knights

Don't mention to me the sun's radiance

For the light of the Moon of Bani Hashem

can blind a million suns with its Beauty and Majesty

Listen lovers, listen knights

Don't tell me about Mansour's martyrdom

For in one single "Ana'l Hosayn ibn Ali"

there are a million "Ana'l Haqq" roaring

Hosayn, hide me in Your wounds, hide me in Your Love...

H H H Y Hosayn!!!
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Qorban-e Ashura Empty Re: Qorban-e Ashura

Post by Silat_warrior110 on Sat Sep 11, 2010 2:11 am

Welcome to the Room brother Very Happy look forward to readding more of your poetry..

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