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Sunni Referances Praising the Aima (as)

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Sunni Referances Praising the Aima (as) Empty Sunni Referances Praising the Aima (as)

Post by Silat_warrior110 on Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:05 pm

The Prophet sawa said:

Ali asws, how can We not be superior to the angels when We preceded them in the knowledge of the Lord as well as in praising Him, in witnessing his Unicity, and in glorifying Him. Certainly our spirits were the first of Allah's creations, and immediately thereafter He had Us praise Him and profess His Unicity. Then the angels were created, and when they contemplated Our spirits in the form of a unique light, they recognized the granduer of Our Amr; We began to praise Allah in order to teach the angels that we are created beings and that Allah is absolutely trancendant for Us (innahu munazzah 'an siffatina). The angels, as they witnessed the divine trancendence, began to praise Us. And when the angels saw the majesty of Our rank, we began to profess divine Unicity so that they might learn la ilaha illa llah, and that We are not gods but only worshippers, And when the angels saw the elevation of Our position, we began to bear witness to the grandeur of Allah, so they might know Allah is Akbar. And when the angels were witness to the nobel force and power (al-izza wa al-quwwa) that Allah had placed in Us, we began to recite; There is no force or power besides Allah (la hawl wa la quwwa illah bi llah) so that the angels would know that we ourselves have no force or power but through Allah. And when they saw that which Allah had generously granted us and how He had made obediance to Us obligatory, We said al hamdu li llah, so the angels might learn Our gratitude to Allah for this gift. And they repeated al hamdu li llah. It is thus thanks to Us that the angels were guided towards knowledge of the Unicity of Allah and knowledge of the words of Unicity and Glorification....

(Ibn Babuye, from his Ilal, ch. 7, page 5f)

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Sunni Referances Praising the Aima (as) Empty Re: Sunni Referances Praising the Aima (as)

Post by ghulam-e-ali on Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:09 am


what are you trying to ask?
the reference is shia, not sunni.....
for sunni ref
you should read sawaiq moharriqa
shawahid un nabuwat by mullah jami
khasais ali by nisai

take care

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