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Marifat (recognition)

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Marifat (recognition) Empty Marifat (recognition)

Post by azadaar110 on Fri May 28, 2010 7:08 am

Jabir told Imam Muhammad Baqir (as):

“Praise be to God who favored me, and gave me Your
Maarifat, and revealed Your Glory (and Greatness) to me, and gave me strength
to act as per Your Orders, and who blessed me to be friend with Your friends,
and enemy to Your enemies.”

The Imam (as) replied:

“O Jabir! Are you aware of what Maarifat is?
Maarifat has seven stages:

  1. Acceptance of Touheed
  2. Identification of Maani(meanings)
  3. Knowing the doors
  4. Identifying the people
  5. Knowing the pillars
  6. Having Maarifat of Naqeebs
  7. Having Maarifat of Najeebs who are having pure
    heart and lineage

And Allah says in Quran:

Say: Though the sea became ink for the Words
of my Lord
verily the sea would be used up before the Words
of my Lord were exhausted, even though We brought the like thereof to help.

[Sura A’araf: 109]

And Allah says again:

And if all the trees in the earth were pens, and
the sea, with seven more seas to help it, (were ink), the
of Allah
could not be exhausted. Allah is Mighty, Wise.

[Sura Luqman: 27]

O Jabir! Accepting Touheed means to recognize that
God which cannot be seen with eyes, though he sees eyes; He is Creator of things
and aware of everything; He is hidden from the beginning as he has explained

You should know that We are the one who are the
expression and Maani of Touheed; Allah created Us from the light of Himself;
and gave the matters of people to Us; and We can do what We feel like with his
permission and saying; and He wishes what We wish; and We wish what he Wishes;
Our will is His will; He gave Us this status and class; and gave Us glory
amongst His people; and declared Us as His Hujjat in His state.

If anyone rejects Our Glories, or rejects Our
saying; he has in reality rejected the signs of Allah, and his Prophets and Messengers.

O Jabir! Whosoever recognized Allah with these
properties, he has accepted Touheed; because these properties are according to
what is stated in Quran, and that is this saying of Allah:

Naught is as His likeness; and He is the Hearer,
the Seer.

[Sura Shoora, 11]

And Allah says:

He will not be questioned as to that which He
doeth, but they will be questioned.

[Sura Anbiya, 23]

Jabir said:

“O My Master! Those who share my thoughts are very

The Imam (as) said:

“Far upon, far upon, do you not know how many
friends do you have on this vast globe?”

Jabir said:

“O Son of Prophet! I think 100 to 200 in every
city, and 1000 to 2000 in each area; and 100000 in total”

The Imam (as) replied:

“O Jabir! Oppose what you think, and do not
consider it enough. It is not like what you have presumed; rather the ones you
have thought of, are not perfect in regards to thoughts and beliefs; rather
they are imperfect and are moqassir; and they are not your friends and

Jabir said:

“O Son of Prophet! Who are Moqassir?”

The Imam (as) replied:

“Moqossirs are those who have lessened the Maarifat
of Aimmah (as), and the Maarifat which Allah made compulsory of Amr(order) and

Jabir said:

“O My Master! What is the Maarifat of spirit?”

The Imam (as) said:

“He is aware of that Amr is given to the one with
whom Allah has specified His spirit;
He creates with His
permission, He gives life
, He is aware of the
intentions and knows the thoughts; and is aware of all what has happened or
would happed till the day of Qayamat; and this is because spirit is the Amr of
Allah. So when Allah specifies spirit with someone, He is perfect, and is not
having any defect or fault. He does what he wishes with the permission of Allah.
He can travel from west to east in a second. He can move up or down the skies,
and can do what he wishes or wills.”

Jabir said:

“O My Master! I wish to know about spirit from the
book of Allah, and know that it is from those matters which Allah has specified
with His Prophet?”

The Imam (as) said:

“Read this verse:

And thus have We inspired in thee (Muhammad) a
Spirit of Our command. Thou knewest not what the Scripture

was, nor what the Faith. But We have made it a
light whereby We guide whom We will of Our bondmen. And lo! thou

verily dost guide unto a right path.

[Sura Shoora: 53]

And Allah said:

He hath written faith upon

their hearts and hath strengthened them with a
Spirit from Him

[Sura Mojadill: 22]

Jabir said:

“O My Lord! May the mercy of Allah be on You, on
the basis of this, most of the Shias are Moqassir; I am not aware of anyone who
has these properties which You have told me”

The Imam (as) said:

“O Jabir! You may not be aware of them, but there
are some people who come to Me, greet Me, and ask Me regarding the hidden
knowledge and secrets which people are not aware of.”

Jabir said:

“Fulan and his companions are having these qualities,
that is, they are aware of these secrets as I have heard hidden knowledge and
secrets from them, and I think that they are perfect”

The Imam (as) said:

“Invite them tomorrow, and bring them along with

Jabir says:

“Next day I brought them along, and when they
reached, they greeted the Imam (as), and respected Him”

The Imam (as) said:

“O Jabir! They are your brothers, but they are not
yet perfect and have some shortcomings”

Then Imam (as) faced those and said:

“Do you accept that Allah can do what He likes, and
give order what He wishes, and none has the power to break His command and
reject His command. He will not be asked for what he does, and they are the
people who would be asked for what they do?”

They said:

“Yes, it is like this as you have said, Allah can
do what he wishes, and orders for what He wills”

Jabir said:

“Praise be to Allah, they are aware and have
perfect Maarifat”

The Imam said:

“O Jabir! Do not be in haste in what you know not”

Jabir said:

“I was surprised”

The Imam (as) said:

“Ask them if Ali ibn Hussain (as) can change shape
to His Son Muhammad (as).”

Jabir said:

“I asked them, and they did not reply, and kept

The Imam (as) said:

“Ask them if Muhammad (as) can take the shape of Ali
ibn Hussain (as).”

Jabir said:

“I asked them, but they kept quiet”

The Imam (as) looked at me and said:

“This is what I was telling you, they are not
perfect yet”

Jabir asked them:

“What happened to you, why are you not replying to
Your Imam (as)?”

They still kept quiet, and were in state of doubt

The Imam (as) again told Jabir:

“This is what I told you before, they have to pass
through many stages yet till they gain perfection”

At that time, the Imam (as) asked them:

“What happened to you that makes you not to talk?”

They looked at each other, and said:

“I son of Prophet (as)! We do not know, please
teach us”


Imam Zain-ul-Abadeen (as) looked at Imam Muhammad Baqir (as) and asked them:

“Who is He?”

They replied:

“O! Son
of Prophet (as), He is Your Son (as)”.

Imam asked “Who am I?”

They replied, “You are His Father, Imam Ali ibn
Hussain (as)”

Thus the Imam (as) recited few words which we could not understand and
immediately Imam Muhammad Baqir (as) turned into Imam Ali ibn Hussain (as) and
Imam Ali ibn Hussain (as) became Imam Muhammed Baqir (as).

Upon observing this, all the companions started reciting ‘La Ilaha Il-Allah’.

Imam Ali ibn Hussain (as) said, “Do not be
surprised at the supremacy of Allah. I am Muhammed and Muhammed is from Ali

Imam Muhammed Baqir (as) then explained, “O! People, do not be surprised
to see the ‘Amr Allah’, I am Muhammed and Ali is in my (Muhammed’s)
Appearance. We are all the same, from one ‘Noor’ and our souls are ‘Amr Allah’.
Our first was Muhammed, Our Middle One was Muhammed and Our Last One is also
Muhammed, in fact We are all Muhammed.”

Upon listening this, they all went down in prostration and uttered:

“We all believe in Your authority, also in Your
hidden attributes, in Your clear miracles and we submit to Your eloquent status
and high ranks.”

The Imam (as) said:

“Rise from prostration and lift your faces, now you
truly recognize us and have succeeded! You have witnessed the facts and
perfected your beliefs and by doing so you have found means of reaching
Allah. Be aware! By Allah, Do not show these signs to the one who have
weak-beliefs and are among ‘Moqassareen’- What you have observed today from My
Son Mohammed and Yyself. If you are going to narrate what you have seen
today then people will not admit it and make ridicule of you.”

They replied:

“We have understood it and we will obey You.”

The Imam (as) said:

“Now go away since you achieved comprehensive

And they went away.

Jabir said:

“I asked Imam (as), O Imam (as)! What if some one
is not aware of this Amr as You have described, but keeps You friend, and is
away from Your enemies, and believes in Your supremacy, what do you say about

The Imam said:

“He is on path of piousness and betterment, till
the time he reaches this stage of maarifat”

(Bihar-ul-Anwaar: 26/13 Hadeeth 2)

Author of the book says that the start of this
hadeeth is quite lengthy which we skipped since it was not related to our
topic. Sheikh hussien bin abdul wahab has written this entire hadeeth in his book
“Ayoon-ul-Mo’jazat” with some differences in chapter of miracles of Imam
Muhammad Baqir (as).


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