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a dream i had....

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a dream i had.... Empty a dream i had....

Post by Maula Dha Mallang on Wed Jan 05, 2011 1:37 am

Salam, Ya Ali Madad and lanat upon the killers of hussain (as) and his companions (as).

alhamdulillah i have been blessed to often do ziarat of imam hussain (as) in my dreams, one dream i saw was the aftermath of the shahadat of shazada ali asghar (as).

i was standing on the maidaan and i saw imam (as) from the back, he was carrying something in his arms out in front of him, and something was wrong with his legs. he would try to take a step, but fall as though there was no strength left in his legs, but when he would fall he did not want to crush the baby in his arms so he would lift his arms up and fall upon his face. then he would struggle without using his arms to his knees, and then to his feet, try and take a step and then fall again.

while he was doing this, i heard him saying these lines over and over again. i am cursed to have forgotten the full thing, all i remember are the lines "...oh my son, oh my beautiful son"

does anyone know if there is some account of what the imam (as) was saying before he dug the qabr for hazrat ali asghar (as)? all i ever heard was that he kept saying "innah lillah wa innah ilayhi raa ji'oon".

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