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tafsir of two "lanat" ayats?

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tafsir of two "lanat" ayats? Empty tafsir of two "lanat" ayats?

Post by Maula Dha Mallang on Tue Jan 04, 2011 9:48 am

salam, ya ali madad and lanat upon the enemies of the ahlebeyt (as)

please can someone provide me with a tafsir of the following ayats:

[2.159] Surely those who conceal the clear proofs and the guidance that We revealed after We made it clear in the Book for men, these it is whom Allah shall curse, and those who curse shall curse them (too).


[2.161] Surely those who disbelieve and die while they are disbelievers, these it is on whom is the curse of Allah and the angels and men all;

pooya/ ali commentary states this but i was hoping for any direct hadiths from the masumeen (as)?

Those who withhold what has been revealed to them of the book, be they Jews (who knew the truth about the Holy Prophet - refer to verse 40, 75 to 79, 89 to 91, 101, 105, 109 and 124 of this surah; and the holy Kabah - Psalms 118: 22 and Matthew 21: 42) or be they the Muslim hypocrites (who know the true interpretation and application of verses - Ahzab: 33; Shura: 23; Nisa: 54 and 59; Ali Imran: 61 and 103; Tawbah: I 19; Rad: 43, Hud: 17; and Ma-idah: 3, 55, 67 in connection with the event of Ghadir Khum) are cursed by Allah and by the angels and by those who follow His right path. In verses 86 and 87 of al Nisa also the angels and the believers join Allah to curse the wicked. In verse 56 of al Ahzab, Allah and His angels bless the Holy Prophet; and Allah commands the believers to send blessings on him. Unless we join Allah and His angels to curse the enemies of the Holy Prophet, our asking Allah for sending blessings on him will be incomplete. Therefore, the followers of Muhammad and Ali Muhammad bless the Holy Prophet and his Ahl ul Bayt and curse their enemies. Justice demands that we identify the devil as a devil, and curse him even if he is disguised in the garb of a Muslim like Yazid and others. Cursing and expression of dislike and disgust for any evil or evildoer is essential to remain on guard against wickedness, as has been made clear in the above-noted verse and verse 7 of al Fatihah, therefore, tabarra has been prescribed as one of the fundamentals of the religion.

Kufr is the rejection of truth, wilfully by perversity or indolence, or it is disbelief in that which is preached by the Holy Prophet. All disbelievers or non-Muslims are not included in this category. A clear exception is mentioned in verse 98 of al Nisa. Those mentioned in verse 106 of al Barat have to wait for the command of Allah to be punished or to be pardoned. Hell is only for those who wilfully and perversely reject the truth, or those who have the means to know the truth but do not care to do so.
( 162)

Those who will be punished will abide in hell according to the state they have reached in this life, without respite. The chastisement is eternal.

Imam Jafar bin Muhammad al Sadiq says:

Since the pious would have lived a virtuous life as long as they stayed in this world, they deserve eternal bliss. Similarly the wicked would have spent their days in depravity and immorality as long as they lived in this world, they deserve to be condemned for ever.

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