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request for hadith

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request for hadith Empty request for hadith

Post by Maula Dha Mallang on Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:42 am

salam, ya ali madad and lanat upon the enemies of the ahlebeyt (as)

please can someone provide me with the actual hadith (with chain if you have it) which states that bibi paak (sa)/ imam mahdi (atf) does a dua for the azadars?

my reasoning is this:

(1) all shias agree that bibi paak (sa) does a dua for azadars, and that her duas are our shifa on qiyaamat inshallah

(2) if an azadar does zanjeer, qamma, matam etc with the honest, clean intention to gain these duas, this is a good thing.

(3) if someone else comes along and starts shaking fatwas in the azadars face, and starts telling him that its self harm etc etc, which causes the azadar to doubt/ stop azadari, will this fatwa loving stopper of azadari recieve blessings for "showing these ignorants the error of their ways" or whatever?

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