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"Hypocrisy Ridden"

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"Hypocrisy Ridden" Empty "Hypocrisy Ridden"

Post by Mundari Badshah on Wed Aug 11, 2010 5:34 pm

Salaam Ya Ali Madad
Here's a poem i like to share to all my brother and sister
Hope you enjoy it

I call it "Hypocrisy Ridden"

Life can be a joy or sometimes glum and plain,
Hear my painful claim to fame
I live in love wrapped in cotton,
And hate that stems for the very rotten
I try one ceasingly to be amongst the truth,
I pray that I get that whilst in my twilight youth
As I put my hands together in union,
Inshallah soon will be our ultimate reunion
I cry when they broke the door of the sublime,
What they committed is a heinous crime
As the holy blood is shed on a land of tribulation,
Words of the divine guided were that of amazing revelation
I hate them tyrants that destroyed peace,
As my hate intensifies for them all it does is Increase!!! Increase!!! Increase!!!
I act accordingly so my actions are slaps directed at their face,
Ya Hussain Ya Hussain i say with passion my ultimate base
I search in the Holy Scripture for them people deserving curse and look,
Iím in awe as I find it in a universally endeared holy book
As I read profusely the hypocrite verse,
My fuel is charged they deserve nothing but my curse.
Oh Wasim stand this belief in testimony,
As surely truth will be told on the day of judgement ceremony

Indeed Bulb it Up!!!!
Mundari Badshah
Mundari Badshah
New Member
New Member

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"Hypocrisy Ridden" Empty Re: "Hypocrisy Ridden"

Post by Azadar E Mazloom on Wed Aug 11, 2010 5:48 pm

Mashallah and bulb it up Smile
Azadar E Mazloom
Azadar E Mazloom

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